Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Repent. Acquit. I-Quit.

And in the end, how I wish to tell you that I never deliberately said or did anything to hurt you. That things one tells friends in strict confidence are not meant to harm anyone but rather to alleviate some of the pain. That even with this in mind, I never said anything that was not. That sometimes stories are distorted depending on who is telling them. That even until now, even in the end, even if you don't count as much or not at all, I still defend you and especially in front of those who dislike you and I only speak well of you, regardless of me believing it or not. And I do it all for me, my own self.
How I wish you told me and let me explain that anything I might have said was in strict intimacy to only my closest friends at a time where I was all torn up, disturbed and confused.
How I wish I could tell you only to relieve my torment for I am falsely accused.
...But why wish? Why not pick up the phone? Why the soap opera? Because you don't care to know...
And in the end, it doesn't really matter.