Sunday, January 11, 2009

On CounterStream and Tolerance

Tis' been a day of brainwashing and I'm tired. I've watched Zeitgeist, Sicko and read almost anything that had to do with Gaza. And so what's the final thought? Zeitgeist encompasses too many conspiracy theories together with little reference making it hard to believe it all for the average viewer like me. Sicko praises guantanamo bay for its medical excellence, therefore also making it hard to be credible at times. I also don't like Moore's attitude, he's trying to be sarcastic but it's too obvious and dumbed down. Especially that "anonymous" check that he sends to his arch nemesis by the end of the movie so that the latter can care for his wife's ailments. Publicity stunt much? And Gaza Oh Gaza, when it all boils down to the American/Israeli bashing along with the suffering of the children and the fake war on terrorism as if there is an absolute definition and description for the term. When it comes to that, you cannot but sit and wonder HOW just HOW do the Israelis think that what they're doing is humane or even justified? I just can't seem to get my mind to understand it! And that is even after assuming that Hamas is the all powerful evil it's portrayed to be.
On another note, I've noticed that what I put in writing is only a fraction of what I might be thinking about a particular issue and most of the time it's only the conclusion that I reach after long deliberations and debates, and so it might look like I have drawn hasty judgements on an issue or another (like the movies above) and so a disclaimer is probably most appropriate here: I usually have a multi-faceted opinion about any subject but I tend to give off the one standing out the most, that is not to say that I am categorical about it because I usually am not, and taking the movies above into consideration there are many parts that I liked, that I looked into even further and that I might agree with.
This brings me to an incident I had a couple of months ago, when R. got offended as I dismissed his ideas about the abortion pro-choice/pro-life debate, arguing that I should give it more thought, little did he know that I had reached this position (a personal one that I don't tend to convince anyone of and that is I am entirely pro-choice) by talking to scholars in the United States, where the issue was and still is a very hot topic in the medical field. I guess what I am trying to say is that although I might give off the impression of talking out of my ass most of the time it's usually after researching and coming to terms with any particular subject and frankly feeling tired of discussing it over and over again, especially that one of my big mottos in life is to "Live and Let Live". I can still welcome debates but I will never try to convince anyone and would like to be treated accordingly :) And sometimes, just sometimes, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! And that was my rant of the day...