Sunday, April 27, 2008

Confidential. Classified.

I have to admit he's too cute! so yes mistakes can turn into blessings. so yes change is sometimes good. I guess one shouldnt be scared of change it could always bring good and not just because you get used to it, which has always been my theory, but also because you wouldn't know what you're missing unless you try it. so do and regret or regret for not having done? again and again... no answer to that!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

change your perspective

Love the exotica ads!

Knock her out. Knock her off. Knock her up.

Friday, April 18, 2008

i'm tired...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

what does it take to be a man? do you have to seek approval from your surrounding especially the opposite sex to feel that you are successful enough in the dating game? can't you just feel satisfied and content with yourself and what you have achieved? yes i am targeting you, i am attacking you. Not because it bothers me. it actually doesn't because i understand where it's coming from. but because it lowers your shares, it could also lead to a potential drift. I will not keep looking to attract your attention. and once i stop will that be the end of it? will that mean that you will look for it elsewhere? do you really seek it so badly? is it a strategy to feel important and appreciated? grow up. you are loved and appreciated. you have friends and a significant other. you can always pick up the phone and someone will answer. i will not make you run after me. i will not be in the pool with all the others and have you notice me. pick me pick me! no. only because i belittle such behavior. there are too many fishes in the sea and if you don't want to get fished out too soon remember that you need to enjoy it while you can without having to look elsewhere. and this shall apply to your lifestyle regardless of your relationships. GET SATISFACTION ALREADY! you make it or break it. hit away.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


-Quarter year resolution.
-Get off your high horse already. yes you're trying to make a good first impression. yes it comes naturally because you've been trained again and again. but isn't easier to have a good first impression ABOUT people? try it. maybe you won't be so bitter. Let go!
-Let go again...
-Shake Shack...
-Marie ou Marilyn?
-Self timer. Ticking bomb.
-Make new memories.
-Wish they're not memories.
-Put alcohol in your coffee mug.
-Keep the skeletons in the closet. They stink. What were you thinking?
-Do and regret or regret for not having done?
-Feel sorry. How condescending is that? What else can I feel? Compassion? Is that more politically correct?
-What will not kill you will make you weaker.
-Crepitations. Fire? Lungs?
-I will be the end of me. resolution again.
-And again.
-Restaurant Week New York City
-Improv' Lebanon
-NYC condom
-The N train
-The L word
-The N word. Michael Richards.
-Michael C... my second crush.
-Or was it the fourth? fifth?
-Framed picture. Lost picture.
-Couch. I miss my couch.
-Why feel sorry? NO. It was a long time coming. Yes it was nice. Yes it was real. But who's to say what's real when everything else around you was fake? Who's to know when it's just a game for two?
-Fear yourself. You make it or break it. Believe in yourself. For how long?
-Tic Toc...
-And so I wave again. Tata!

The uncommon man!

Aren't they all...

This is NOT a playmobil!

Friday, April 04, 2008

on the twelfth day of christmas!

on 7/22/06:

12 days ago: wake up at 11am, whine about getting up, whine about having to take yet another summer course. Call parents, ask for money, fight with parents over who should've won the world cup. Check the news, the gossip pages. Go to class and plan a nice evening out, go out, sleep at 1am.

today, yesterday, the day before, tomorrow...: wake up at 6 am, get up to check the news hoping today is different, feel lucky and guilty of being able to actually attend that summer course. Dial parents' number hoping this time it'll go through. fight off the tears when hearing parents' voice. Check the news again. and again. Go to class and think of what route is faster to get home and check the news again. Stay in, get obsessed over lebanese websites, sleep at 3am.