Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Of living by proxy or the state of the Lebanese woman

The Global Gender Gap Report 2014 has been published, ranking Lebanon at 135 out of 142 countries. The study shows that women's educational attainment is high, however women have yet to enter the political world and obtain the right to speak and make a difference.
How can a paternalistic society move forward when highly educated women cannot participate in drafting and implementing legislation?
Should we wait for our country men to protect us and give us our rights?
Who decides if I can give the citizenship to my unborn children?
Who decides if I am protected against abuse?
Who decides what the definition of abuse is?
To live by proxy. Or the state of the Lebanese woman.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Of change

The one constant you can always rely on.
Everybody leaves one day...

Of Art and 7ake

In love with the Art 7ake shop!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Of Beirut or Fate

Somewhere it's been written.
Somewhere it's been decided.
I was born in war.
War is my fate.
I have never known Beirut without war.
I have never known Beirut without injustice.
I have never known Beirut without fear.
I have never known...
Will I die in my country?
Will I die in war?
Will I ever know?

I look at Beirut. She looks back. Envious.
Envious of freedom. Of opportunities. Of what if.
Envious of unspeakable possibilities.
And all I want is to go back.
To her chaos and ugliness.
To her carelessness.
To realize an unrealistic dream.
To give back the love she deserves.

Is love most romantic when it's unfulfilled?
Do I love you because you don't truly exist?
Will you fade away when I come closer?
Are you truly Beirut?
Or the concealed unattainable in my psyche?
Are you a dream? An illusion?
Hope? Is that you?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Ello or work in progress

got my Ello invite a couple of days ago.
Still not sure what to do with it.
Somewhat excited to work it out as it goes.