Friday, November 17, 2006

Scrambled eggs

-Spending more than you earn. ah the american dream. credit, debit, debt, collection agency.

-putting ekg leads on a one-breasted woman who fought uterine cancer and has a heart condition. ironically i was trained to put the leads under the missing hypothetical boob.

-your girl is lovely hubbell. yes that's right i took the high road. oh screw you no i didn't, may you burn in hell.

-agreeable or opiniated? i'll be opiniated so that i can be to your liking. dance monkey dance!

-i'm sorry you were born out of wedlock because your stupid mother fell in love with that illegal jamaican waiter on that miami cruise. she couldn't even bribe him with the prospect of citizenship? odd.

-mumbling you'll be in good hands to the 30sth woman who just found out a bacteria is eating her heart out.

-taking the limo not the high road.

-looking for a bridesmaid dress.

-making nice with the israeli doctor. the same one in deep relations with the consulate and the government.

-returning worn clothes.

-they're oriental not asian. huh?

-Ted Haggard: the preacher and the prostitute.

-scrambled brains.

-vote for nader.

-a manhattan brownstone.

-may i ask what it's in reference to?

-Fuck fuckkity fuck timmyyyyy

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's been a good week. I thought I should put that in writing to remember. It seems that I will finally settle down without having to settle for less. It's been a long and hard road with a stressful 500 sth days. I love it!