Friday, April 04, 2008

on the twelfth day of christmas!

on 7/22/06:

12 days ago: wake up at 11am, whine about getting up, whine about having to take yet another summer course. Call parents, ask for money, fight with parents over who should've won the world cup. Check the news, the gossip pages. Go to class and plan a nice evening out, go out, sleep at 1am.

today, yesterday, the day before, tomorrow...: wake up at 6 am, get up to check the news hoping today is different, feel lucky and guilty of being able to actually attend that summer course. Dial parents' number hoping this time it'll go through. fight off the tears when hearing parents' voice. Check the news again. and again. Go to class and think of what route is faster to get home and check the news again. Stay in, get obsessed over lebanese websites, sleep at 3am.