Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's cancer. Metastasized to the bone. And as I sit and use fancy terms in the physician's clinic I start looking at this wonderful man. Hit with a malignancy. And the term is evasive to say the least.
This man is saintly. He has been everything to me and my family and more. And now no one can return the favor. And he takes it all, silently.
-"But doctor, when can I jog again?" he insists with a serene smile on his face.
It's too early. TOO early!! I want to scream: "Stay, they need you!". They all need you. They love you. I hear their worried voices on the phone and I cannot answer.
And I wonder, where is the cure? Why are they all falling around me like a baseless house of cards? One after the other.
And at the ripe age of 20sth, I remember this conversation with a 90sth years old lady.
Me: You must feel so blessed, living to be almost a hundred!
The Lady: But you see M., I buried everyone I knew. I cried over each and every one. And this is life as I will remember it. Alone.

Please, do not make me bury anyone.