Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of Barbar and Barbarian.

--Warning: when going to Barbar, make sure you're accompanied by a man!
As I crave a Shawarma after a night out, it seemed Barbar was the best and closest option. Ah the greasy, somewhat non-health-inspection-abiding, heavenly chicken Shawarma sandwich! P. is much more health oriented and so he goes for a fruit cocktail from the store next door. And picture this: at around 11.00 pm, 12 guys are sitting there, hanging out, and then a female comes in! Albeit accompanied by P., but a female nonetheless! The stares through the mirrors, the typical "shou ya 7elo", the sleazy smiles. I did not know where to look anymore, the store was all mirrored and so I ran to my car where I waited for P. like a good Lebanese female.
And so when going to Barbar, if you want to take a chance and maybe catch salmonella (and I say risk well taken), make sure it's in broad daylight, or when accompanied by a male who could order for you, or bear the consequences of your actions and expect to be verbally aggressed.
Well, you probably shouldn't be eating Shawarma at 11pm anyways!