Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Night Escapades

I ended up in a stranger's car yesterday, for the first time. Granted it was only to drop me off at my car a couple of blocks away but still anything was possible at 2am! In the empty alleys next to the Lebanese Electrical Company. I was supposed to live these when I was 17, but I was always in a committed relationship at the time and the wild child in me never took to riding with strangers in cars... It was nothing major, I guess, but it showed me that I can still let loose and that I'm not as stuck up as I thought I had become, living in Lebanon year after year. I should also mention I had an accomplice, another girl, G., who didn't know any of the two guys with us either. Yes they were friends of friends of friends so they were decent by association. But I still like my story, I rode with strangers at 2am, after a night of partying with them without even being introduced properly.