Wednesday, April 01, 2009


My disturbed little mind dreamt of me cheating on my hairdresser and getting caught in the act.
I've had about 12 hairstylists, not counting the one night stands. Just last week I had a close encounter with three of them on separate occasions. Having a hairdresser is just like being in a relationship: you have to keep looking for the perfect one,(and I'm still in my everlasting quest). They all start off great, trying to show off their skills, something worthy of a mating dance to say the least and then the magic is gone. They start slacking off, you want to voice your concern but you're too scared to hurt their feelings, there are things that you would like to improve, but you can't sound too picky or demanding.
And so, one of these days, you go astray, you start looking elsewhere to relive that satisfaction, and out of nowhere, usually for convenience purposes, you go into that parlor next to your workplace (because your original hairdresser is closer to home), and Yes! you like the final result. You dump the first one or try to juggle both, depending on your location and/or sought after style of the week.
Then that new relationship cools off too, sometimes too quickly. And you become increasingly frustrated. And as you keep looking, you slowly reminisce about how perfect your hairstyle was when you first started courting that stylist next to your house. But how will you ever be able to go back? He will notice the haircut and he will demand an explanation as to where you have been for the past couple of months. And even if you brave the obstacles and you do decide to go back, there is a reason why you left in the first place. Have you forgotten all the carelessness and neglect?! How can you get him to be as attentionate and committed as when you first started off?
And so I am still looking. I've had hairdressers in Hamra, Mansourieh, Hazmieh, Dekwaneh and Jal El Dib, some might say I'm hairdresser promiscuous and that I can't commit. However, in my defense, I'd like to believe that I'm still looking for THE ONE. He's out there, maybe even playing with somebody else's hair at this very moment. And until then, Until I find him, I will have to brush off that guilt of being too much of a hair floozy. And I will ignore any recurrent dream involving me, my hairdressers and cheating.