Sunday, April 19, 2009

Phone Uploads

Them' Cell Phone Pictures Of Mine.

--Bekaa Valley, Chateau Kefraya April 2009.

--Shadow Over Kefraya.

That last picture was taken at 7 am, on a regular Tuesday morning, a couple of weeks ago. I had arrived early at AUB. Nothing out of the ordinary. That day, however, I decided to pass on my regular hot water plus Nescafe and Coffeemate instamix, or what my beloved Kiosk Owner Fadi calls coffee.
Instead, I indulged in an overpriced Krispy Kreme American Coffee, Black No Sugar, the way God intended it. I took my car down to Corniche, and got out to look at the serene view, to spot those early morning joggers and to try to grasp some of that morning breeze that was to calm me and guide me through another hectic day.
I loved every second of it. I enjoyed it even more because I was alone, I was free to contemplate, to look into the horizon and envision how to go about the stressors in my life. Those stressors are being dealt with at the moment, and I can say that things seem under control.

I'm glad, however, that even in the midst of it all, I was able to escape and find refuge in the middle of Beirut. Who would've thought that the comfort and inspiration I was looking for were to be found only a few minutes away, in a place obscured by cars honking, fish smelling and oglers scouting? Forget Everything Around You. Give In. Seize The Day.

Listening to Susan Boyle, Dare I Say "Vintage"?