Monday, April 13, 2009

Mom, What's an Ecosystem?

I'm Lebanese, we don't interact with squirrels. We only read about them in books, just like this mystery sentence I kept coming across over and over again while growing up, never to understand its exact meaning:
"ALWAYS look left and right before crossing, even at a red light".
-What's that device that is the so called red light???.
Oh, but Lebanon is getting modernized as we speak! And you thought we're still a third world country? (The shock and horror on my face!) We HAVE red lights! HA! Oh, cars have to stop when said lights turn red? Why fret over such insignificant formalities? We'll work something out eventually!
And so, to get back to the essence of today's rant, it is only natural that my first encounter with an animal of the sort, a squirrel, leaves that special something something in my memory files.
He was a New Yorker, in Central Park. I was 11 years old, I caught him looking at me. I was intrigued and flattered, and just as curious as he was if not more! My books were coming to life. I was Alice in Wonderland!
That is when I snatched the camera from my mother's lap and started running after him with all the power my tiny 11 years old legs could provide me. To no avail. The cheeky little beast had mastered the skills of hide and seek.