Sunday, February 08, 2009

On the AUH Menu Tonight

And here is a new low: A physician abusing his power position tonight in the Emergency Room at the appraised American University Hospital in Beirut. S. went in seeking medical attention after a car crash that left her with neck pain, and came out feeling molested and abused. One attending physician who wasn't even in charge of her case, decided (mind you after all the appropriate tests were done) to do a full check up on her, in a very unprofessional manner. I stayed in the room and watched him conduct his physical exam, putting his stethoscope in places where he wouldn't be hearing anything instrumental. And now looking back, maybe we should have said something, but even as medical students, you still feel the white coat effect. You wonder maybe it IS procedures and protocol. And then you rethink it in your head, and you realize no it's not! This was nothing more than a degenerate pervert taking advantage of any situation to feel the lowest of gratifications. And you wonder how much more of this will we be seeing in the hospital and how you can never let it get to you, rather (and at the risk of sounding as a man-bashing feminist) you should stay on your guards and be on the offense against any potential sticky situation. Just in case. Just to put the likes of this guy in their rightful place. And here you have it, the lowest yet, taking advantage of the white coat to touch a patient inappropriately.