Sunday, February 01, 2009

Disciplining Drivers One At a Time

Have you ever wondered what the AFP (Agence France-Presse) thinks of Lebanese traffic? Wonder no more!
The French Traffic Police is apparently taking Beirut by storm! Waving and flailing hands at unruly motorists. How far do the Lebanese go in trusting other countrymen more than their own? (Hence the failed political system). Is it as far as taking orders from the French police over the good ol' darak? How true is that latter statement anyways? Isn't it known that Lebanese people tend to find each other and aggregate once abroad, to keep a sense of community?
Anyone who could teach the Lebanese road ethics is good enough for this blogger though! Fellow countryman or not. For our drivers are so stubborn, so disobedient, so holier-than-thou, 'tis more than a stressful adventure to go out there every day, braving traffic and horns.
Check out the article where [Dominique Szymczak, a police brigadier from Paris's 13th arrondissement] takes his Lebanese colleague into the middle of a busy intersection to demonstrate how traffic control is carried out Paris-style.