Thursday, May 08, 2008

We're at it again!
May 08, 2008.
Mini?? war started.
Me: home, bored, frustrated.
No idea if I have anymore classes. Ok maybe I'm being a tad dramatic but the roads are closed and my school is in the middle of the action.
Friend 1: living in shoueifat, he's the head of a family of 4. doesn't know if they should leave or not. Not even thinking about school for now.
Friend 2: happy he's leaving the country in a couple of months. That was a sign from God. Why would anyone stick to this country?
Friend 3: stuck at home in nweiri and taking pictures of gunmen. Has just heard that a neighbor of his tried to get out of the area, they beat him up and he returned with an open skull.
Friend 4: stuck in lebanon because the airport is closed. and so he can't go work on a project assigned to him for three months abroad. what's more is that he's currently stuck at work. scared shitless of leaving because of gunmen everywhere.
Friend 5: stuck in dubai. he was supposed to come to lebanon for the weekend after a long stay abroad where he's depressed.