Saturday, July 22, 2006

No Blame, No Game

Ok I just need to get something off my mind and maybe if I put it in writing it'll help. How much of a hypocrite am I? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been on for what 50 years and counting? the Iraqi war since 2003? Even the war in the South of Lebanon lasted for about 15 years, during which I was living in Beirut, but I never felt involved, never. Yes, Israeli jets bombed the power stations from time to time and I used to get upset for having a power outage for a few days but that was that. Grapes of Wrath in Qana, say what? I was too busy fighting off the Syrians. That's the segregation effect in Lebanon and you know it. But I digress.

All I want to say is that I am remembering all too well this feeling of carelessness, heck I remember feeling that some people deserved to die, it's their fault I would say. So why am I expecting citizens and governments of other countries to care? I know I wouldn't have cared. Why am I angry at CNN that is only reporting about how subpar the American evacuation plans have been? Isn't an American based network and isn't its mission to show the fallings of the Bush administration? (a never ending subject that is one of the most interesting to the American population). I condemn what's happening in Lebanon and Israel and no one else should feel obligated to do the same although I wish they do. sure you can say but the U.S. meddles whenever it feels like it and blah blah and oil plans etc... I would've done the same. ok I lost the point I was making but I think I made it.

Give people a reason to care, show them how this could affect them and they might react. I believe it was a CNN report that noted that Americans will feel the effect of the war at the pump so rally against gas prices and the war in Lebanon might take a different turn. well maybe not but don't expect people to care, because you know you wouldn't have either, the farthest most of the Lebanese would've gotten in condemning other wars would be in carrying out a heated discussion over a cup of coffee, well guess what, that's what everyone else is doing right now. oh yes i know we've always had enough to worry about, hmmm kel wa7ad be hammo.