Saturday, July 22, 2006

elBalad ma byeswa fejleh

Kenet ta7t l2assef w 2elloun la2 gheltaneen, bass lhay2a ma3oun 7a2, elBalad ma byeswa fejleh

Translation: I used to be under the bombs and I would tell them that they were wrong, but it seems they were right, the country is not worth more than a radish

That's what my Dad told me on the phone today. Through 30 years of war he has been able to stay optimistic. He has never lost hope and it showed. I was shocked today, my Dad was almost the only one pushing me to go back to Lebanon and to start building my life again, and that was only 12 days ago. Now it seems I am the only one left wanting to go back. I have found my passion, I seem to have inherited the family curse, my passion is Lebanon and I am willing to take the risk of burning in its fire. Doors are wide open in front of me in the U.S. and anywhere else, but I will sneak into that small hole in the wall and I will go back.