Friday, June 04, 2010


People love tear-jerking stories... it must be too harsh to be realistic.
I never thought Philippe was supposed to get the transplant to begin with. 

It must sound unethical, inhumane, Oh Dear! But consider the debate, with advancing medical technologies, patients who were not to survive are now given a very slim chance of survival, on the expense of exorbitant utilization of medical and communal resources, which could be redirected towards multiple less complicated but equally life threatening cases, making up the bulk of congenital heart disease among other medical conditions.
Philippe had a very small chance of survival and with the current limitations, a heart transplant is not a miracle procedure, rather it is laden with complications and morbidity. 

So in the end, here you have it, Philippe is dead, the people have their story. We are reminded that we are humans who like to rally behind emotional causes. And mostly, we are reminded that we are but humans, not ready to deal with terminal illnesses and death as a natural course. And although we think we can save the world, yes we can, yes we will...Wake up call. No we can't.